Dear Lovely Cleaning. Thank you for arranging this tenancy cleaning at the very last moment. Our agency has worked with quite a few companies so far, and we appreciate your flexibility. Looking forward to our discount for any future services. Thank you again!

Edward Owen

We were in a hurry and Lovely Cleaning responded to our request very fast,for which we're really thankful. Awesome end of tenancy. Cheers guys!

Harriet Pope

Thank you for all the re-scheduled appointments!!! We really appreciate making this big exception for us. Not a single pound was added throughout the entire discussion! You won me and my family as a dedicated customer for sure.

George Reeves

My dog did keep you busy with the lounge carpet. I didn’t think those stains could be washed so good.

Hollie Kemp

The apartment was a big mess,but after your interference, guys,everything was on point to the last spot.Definitely worth it!

Skye Norman

Dear Lovely Cleaning. We were truly amazed by the quality of your cleaning! We were under the impression that the cheap price, comes with a bit cheaper service. You really proved us wrong. You are in our address book!

Paige Daly

Hey there guys! Thanks again for being so convenient for us. You really brought our hopes back, as no one was willing to book for the same day. We truly recommend you!

Jamie Curtis

Me and my husband were on a vacation and we were unsure which services to choose. We heard from our friends for Lovely Cleaning's name. We decided to give it a shot and we're glad with our choice!

Madeleine Fleming

By far the cheapest professional service I was able to find in London. You remain my favorites Lovely Cleaning. I’d go back to you for sure!

William Cartwright

We’re more than satisfied! Everything was perfect. The whole apartment was shining after your services. Great job Lovely Cleaning!

Connor Todd

I referred to you from my friend Jason. He used you for his tenancy cleaning needs. I got to say, I now know why he repeated three times with you. Great deal of work guys! Can’t possibly think of anything to bring up as an issue. Flawless!

Charlotte Collier

Astounding work! Our walls actually changed their color after you were finished. We were far from thinking the results would be so impressive!

Toby Thompson

I am a doctor, very busy most of the time during the day. I didn’t suppose you are able to arrange a cleaning so late in the afternoon. Thanks for the understanding, really astounding service Lovely Cleaning!

Alice Webster

I had my house cleaned in no time. Thanks for being able to match my time scale! Very friendly cleaners. Overall it was a great job done!

Taylor Shepherd