End of tenancy cleaning in Chichester PO19

Ever lost your security deposit because of sloppy cleaning, or hiring the wrong cleaning company for your end of tenancy cleaning? Well with Lovely Cleaning this is out of the equation, because our end of tenancy cleaning in Chichester PO19 is not only guaranteed, but it's also the best you can find in Chichester. We guarantee that all of the work done at your property will be up to the highest industry standards and will absolutely 100% return your security deposit. Our experience with demanding landlord and unpleasant letting agents has lead to us creating the best end of tenancy cleaning checklist any company in Chichester PO19 has and the checkout list is just the ultimate guarantee that you get your money back in full amount.

For the last 5 years, Lovely Cleaning has grown from a small cleaning company based in London to a full scale cleaning company serving most of the South East of England and obviously Chichester PO19 is one of the places where you can enjoy our guaranteed end of tenancy cleaning. So wait no more and reclaim your deposit with ease, with the professional services of Lovely Cleaning Chichester PO19


Lovely Cleaning's End of tenancy cleaning will get your place in good condition

Our end of tenancy cleaning covers all the areas in the house, including the kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, living areas, and even hallways and entranceways.  We offer thorough, all-around cleaning services especially tailored for the most important areas in the house.

What is included in our End of tenancy cleaning?

Kitchen Cleaning

One of the rooms in a house that sees the most traffic is the kitchen. Even if you clean and scrub every time you cook, there will be some dirt left over. Grease quickly sticks to appliances, walls and the floor and only deep, thorough cleaning can get rid of it. Our cleaning materials have the power to deep clean any dirt or stains left on your tiles, floors and appliances without being harmful to you, your children and pets. Our disinfectants will remove 99.99% of all germs from you countertops and kitchen sink. We will thoroughly clean your oven so it looks like brand new again.

Bathroom Cleaning

Another room in the house that is used the most is the bathroom. The bathroom requires a lot of cleaning on regular bases because a lot of bacteria can be found where water is used a lot. To ensure that your environment is germ-free, we will clean and disinfect the bath tub, the toilet bowl, the shower and the sink. The floor will also undergo a deep clean and polish.

Bedroom Cleaning

The bedrooms have to be cleaned regularly to prevent the accumulation of dust, which can cause various allergies amongst children and adults. Our cleaning service will clean your walls, windows, carpets or hard floors thus removing all dust particles for a good and safe environment.

Living Room Cleaning

The living room is the place where the whole family gathers to dine, play, watch TV and chat. Often cleaning is highly recommended to prevent the buildup of dirt. We will clean your carpets so they appear new and smell fresh, we will polish your furniture and will scrub all hard floors. We will also clean your windows and curtains.

Hallways Cleaning

Last but certainly not least comes the cleaning of the entrance and the hallways. We strongly believe that these are the two areas that require a great deal of attention because if they are not clean then the rest of the house will not stay clean for long. We will remove any dirt marks, shoe marks that we may find on the floors and the walls. Our cleaning materials tackle dirt brilliantly and don’t damage any wall or floor surfaces.


We work with both tenants and landlords.

As tenants you may have the responsibility of arranging or carrying out the end of tenancy cleaning yourself.

End of tenancy cleaning

This can be stressful as there is usually 101 things that you need to do when moving. Leave it to us, as we know exactly what to do and the best way of doing it, to ensure your landlord is happy with the property after you leave. That will take a job off your moving “to do” list… Clean Property – CHECK! As a landlord you may want to work with one company, who you trust, to carry out end of tenancy cleaning in a number of properties. If you are a landlord of a number of properties, speak to us and lets discuss how we can help you. This will ensure that when tenants move out, your property will be cleaned to your exacting standards, making the property easier to rent to others

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